Welcome to the official website of the Japanese Beer Sommelier Association.

The Japanese Beer Sommelier Association is Japan’s first association of beer service professionals.

We run the Japanese Beer Sommelier Basic and the international Diplom Beer Sommelier program.

Please contact us in Englisch, German, French or Japanese. Kanpai! 

Our Vision:

Beer, being enjoyed in a wide variety of styles by a wide variety of people with diverse social and cultural backgrounds who appreciate beers for its unique quality and not only in quantity. Beer as a companion for all kinds of foods on all kinds of occasions. Treated with care all the way from the brewery to glass in order to always be served in pristine quality.

Our Mission:

A holistic approach to beer, honoring mankind’s oldest alcoholic beverage and its cultural heritage. Based on that we educate on all aspects of beer in order to add the social and sensory pleasure of enjoying high quality beers. Through knowledge and understanding we also foster responsible and respectful drinking manners within society.

Our Values:

Quality over quantity.
Respect for brewing traditions and heritage.
Support for continuous innovation in brewing.
Professionalism in handling and serving beer.
Creativity in enhancing the total beer experience.
Gratefulness to everyone involved making the world’s greatest beverage.

Who we are

A team of beer enthusiasts with different professional backgrounds in beverage and food production, marketing, service and presentation. Dedicated to sharing the joy of responsibly drinking beer by continuously striving to serve beer as a comprehensive sensory experience.

山上 昌弘

Masahiro Yamagami


With a degree in agricultural chemistry and professional experience in research and development of fermented food and beverages for one of Japan’s biggest food companies he now works as beverage adviser and lectures at the renowned L’Ecole Bantan and Cordon Bleu. He is a certified wine sommelier, tea sommelier and diplom beer sommelier.

根岸 絹恵

Kinue Negishi

Board member – Beer & Food Pairing

With a degree in design and professional experience in food and beverage marketing Kinue Negishi specializes in beer & food pairing developing concepts together with some of Japan’s biggest breweries. She also lectures at L’Ecole Bantan and organises cooking and pairing classes. She is the current Belgian beer ambassador to Japan.

江沢 貴弘

Takahiro Ezawa

Board Member – Beer Service

With a professional background in bartending winning several national prices Takahiro Ezawa specializes in beverage concept development and consulting for hotels, bars, restaurants and cafes. e He is beverage director at L’Ecole Bantan managing the curriculum and training for alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverage hospitality and service professionals.

ホヘンタナ セバスティアン

Sebastian Hohentanner

Board Member – Brewing & Communications

With a master degree in intercultural communications and professional experience in the Japanese food and beverage industry Sebastian Hohentanner works as a supplier for brewing equipment and raw materials. He organises educational seminars for brewers, works with breweries on recipe development and consults beer retailers on beer quality management and staff education. He is a certified diplom beer sommelier and a current candidate to the Institute of Masters of Beer.

What we do

We work with everyone involved in the brewing and beverage industry in order to learn and educate together. Our main activities are organising the Beer Sommelier Basic course and the Diplom Beer Sommelier course.

More than 100 hours of seminars and workshops cover a wide range of topics

  • History of beer and brewing
  • Raw materials & technology of brewing
  • Beer draft systems
  • Beer storage and quality management
  • Glass selection
  • Beer and food pairing
  • Beerstyles
  • Tasting & sensory evaluation
  • Beer, health and psychology
  • Beer marketing

A variety of workshops supports practical experience:

  • Brewing day
  • Beer description & vocabulary
  • Drafting & serving beer
  • Guided & blind tastings
  • Horizontal & vertical beer style comparison 
  • Beer menu and business concept development
  • Cooking with beer and beer ingredients
  • Beer & food tastings
Seminars - Workshops - Consulting

In addition to the beer two beer sommelier programs we also offer the following services through our board and members:

  • Guided beer tastings
  • Beer & food pairings
  • Beer & food menu development 
  • Concept development for food & beverage catering, restaurants and bars
  • Staff training for food & beverage catering, restaurants and bars
  • Consultation on beer marketing and sales for breweries, importers and retailers
  • Staff training for importers and retailers
  • Beer event organisation 
  • Professional staff for trade shows and events
  • Consultation on starting a brewery and brewing beer in Japan 
  • Consultation on import and export of beer to and from Japan

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